Collection: Black

Hundreds of years ago, when "red" tea from the east was brought to the west, it was called “black" tea by the English because the of the color of the dried leaves.  The Brits and the western world still refer to red tea as "black" tea to this day.  However, in the eastern world, red tea has always been called "red" tea due to the color of the liquor after brewing. 

One rule that seems consistent is that any smoked red tea is called "black" because smoked teas are mostly consumed by Westerners, not tea drinkers in Asia.  And since smoked teas are popular in the UK, it seems like this trend is here to stay, much like other things the Brits changed and made their own, like driving on the left, the Imperial System v. Metric System, and putting their own spin on pronouncing foreign names.  

Confusing, we know, but now you will be able to properly answer a tea trivia question during game night with your friends.  Cheers, Mate!