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Life is a pathway, and our pathway led us to discover a style of tea brewing that dates back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 c.e.).  This type of tea brewing is called Gong Fu Cha.  Gong Fu, sometimes called Kung Fu or Gung Fu, means the "skill achieved through hard work and practice."  Cha is how you say "tea" in Chinese.  Therefore, Gong Fu Cha is the skill of tea brewing achieved through practice over time.

Gong Fu Cha provides an opportunity for tea gatherings with friends or a quiet time of personal meditation.  It introduces you to the leaves as opposed to hiding them behind a tea bag sachet.  The tea leaf is whole and of the highest quality as opposed to the dust and small bits of broken leaves that are filled in tea bags.  Gong Fu Cha is cost effective because flash brewing allows teas to be brewed from three (green tea) to six (oolong tea) to eight (red and white tea) to twelve (pu'er tea) times as opposed to brewing one time with a tea bag.

Quality, taste and direct relationships with tea farmers is our way.  We are honored to partner directly with a Chinese tea master and his wife who produce our signature shou pu'er cakes, shung pu'er cakes, loose red tea and white tea bricks in their village in Yunnan Province.  We are also fortunate to partner with a woman who sources the finest green tea directly from smaller, exclusive Japanese tea producers.  Our American ginseng source is a premier ginseng horticulturist and renowned Eastern medicine doctor in his field, who lives his passion by growing wild-simulated ginseng on his family property in one of the only microclimates for ginseng production in the United States.  Our oolong teas are painstakingly sourced to find partners as close to the tea producers as possible.  Our botanical tisanes are made from organic flowers, leaves, herbs and spices from all over the world and combined into blends inspired by the people we love and our lifetime of experience and travel.

Our teaware collection includes tea pots, tea cups, tea pitchers, saucers, waste bowls, and tea utensils sourced by our tea master friend or by our passionate teaware director.  Click on the brewing instructions for each tea in our collection to learn which brewing vessel is appropriate for that particular tea.  

Please join us on our journey to discovery the teas of the world and bring them to your doorstep.

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We Are Acala Tea Co.