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"Heart Opener Ginseng" - American Ginseng

"Heart Opener Ginseng" - American Ginseng

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Start your mornings with a delicious botanical blend of heart-opening ginseng, cacao, rose and spices.  American ginseng powder is a heart opener that has been used for thousands of years.  It dilates blood vessels, opens bronchial passageways, improves sexual function, and nourishes the spirit and qi.*  Cacao contains theobromine, which releases into the blood stream and increases blood flow to the brain, which increases awareness and focus. Cacao gives the sensation of the heart opening, filling with love, and opens our connection with ourselves and others.  Rose and cacao are herbal aphrodisiacs, bringing about feelings of pleasure and bliss. These compounds influence moods and states of alertness in a positive way.  In addition to having a positive effect on moods, ginseng and cacao are also known to have high levels of antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory agents, and are full of vitamins and minerals.     

*Penoyer, J. (2023) Clinical Applications of American Ginseng Xi Yang Shen. J. Chin. Med. 131: 31-40.

Tea Specifics

American Ginseng Powder (Panacis quinquefolii Radix, Xi Yang Shen), Cacao, (Theobroma cacao), Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Rose Powder (Rosa damascena), Nutmeg, and Granulated Honey

Harvest: Ginseng hand picked 50+ hours first two weeks of harvest season September 2022

Ginseng Location: Wisconsin Ridge Driftless Region, Illinois, United States

Form: Powder

Heart Opener Ginseng contains a low amount of caffeine. All items included in this blend are caffeine-free except for cacao. One teaspoon of cacao powder contains 6.6mg of caffeine, and one teaspoon of cacao nibs contains 4.6mg of caffeine.

Tasting Notes

Spicy Chocolate, Slightly Floral, Sweet, Rich Flavor

Brewing Recommendations

Prepare this Heart Opening blend much like a matcha latte: Dissolve 2g of powder in 8oz of 212F/100C boiling water. Blend using a matcha until smooth. Pour steamed milk into the cup and further blend with whisk. Top with frothed milk.

For added flavor, sprinkle with cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and granulated honey.

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