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Tea for Life

Tea makes life better, and better tea makes a better life. That is why we source and produce the world's finest teas for your enjoyment and wellbeing. In our mission, we are guided by one simple thing: our love for tea. From the tea tree forests, farms and plantations; to the hands that pick the leaves; to the masters who transform leaves into divine teas; and all the way to your cup. Welcome to Acala!

  • Tea Types

    Tea Types

    From white to black, green to red, Yunnan pu'erh to Taiwanese oolong, botanicals and ginseng, we have just about any tea or elixir you desire.

  • Teaware


    Like tea, the world of teaware is as fascinating as it is complex. Let us simplify it for you and maximize your teaware ownership experience. Click on the brewing instructions for each tea to see which brewing vessel in preferred for that particular type of tea.

  • Tea Brewing

    Tea Brewing

    Learn to brew like a pro, no matter what type of brewing vessel or tea you are enjoying. Let us teach you how. Click on the brewing instructions for each tea for the quantity, water temperature, and proper techniques that were taught to us by our Chinese Tea Master friend and other experts in their field of tea.


Learn about our Fudo!

Acala is the Sanskrit name for Fudō Myōō (as he is called in Japan), who is the immovable protector of Buddhism and one of the Five Wisdom Kings. He wields a sword to dispatch ignorance and a noose to snare disbelievers. His role is to protect the Earth and be a vanquisher of evil. Acala is a powerful deity who protects the faithful by removing obstacles and impediments, thus aiding them towards enlightenment in order to save all beings. Acala is usually seen with a phoenix rising behind him and two servants standing below him, one on each side.