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"Cherry Smoke" Sakura Wood Smoked Black

"Cherry Smoke" Sakura Wood Smoked Black

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Japanese cherry trees, or sakura, have been bred and grafted by Japanese gardeners for over 1200 years.  Today, about 100 species of flowering cherry trees exist throughout the world and are grown specifically for their spring blossoms, not their fruit. 

Cherry Smoke black tea is made with leaves harvested during the First and Second Flush from the Yabukita tea bush and then smoked using cherry wood chips.  Upon opening the tea wrapper, the light scent of cherry wood smoke fills the nose and evokes a feeling of relaxation and comfort.      

This tea is an instant favorite among those who try it.  Play around with brewing time lengths for a smoky level that is suitable to your pallet.  For a lighter taste, flash brew only 30 seconds at a time.  This will allow you to steep the tea 5-6 times.  For a stronger taste, we suggest brewing for 2 minutes, allowing you to steep again about 3-4 times.  

This tea from the Shizuoka Prefecture and is sustainably grown and certified from Chagusaba Garden, an area near Mount Fuji, Japan.

Tea Specifics

Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, sustainably grown and certified from Chagusaba Garden, an area near Mount Fuji

Tree: Bush

Cultivar: Yabukita bush, most common variety among all Japanese sub-varietals of Camellia sinensis

Loose leaf

Red (black) tea contains 40-60mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. As the tea ages, the caffeine levels decline over time because light and leaf oxidation reduce caffeine. Thus, an aged red tea that is decades old may not contain much caffeine at all. If you have the willpower to resist drinking this tea and to instead store and age the tea, the taste profile will only deepen.

Tasting Notes

Smoky, cherry, fresh tobacco, full-bodied, sweet, amber liquor

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: 4-6g of tea per 100ml purified water

Ideal brewing vessel: Porcelain teapot or gaiwan; glass infuser pot; or high profile clay teapot reserved for your red smoked teas only.

Flash-Brewing: Boil water to 212F and then wait for the water to stop bubbling before pouring the water into the gaiwan or tea pot. Brew for a few seconds, then replace the lid and pour the liquor into a gong dao bei (fairness pitcher) before apportioning into tea cups.  Remove lid between steepings to prevent the leaves from overheating. Flash brewing in this manner ensures this tea can be brewed up to 6+ times and brewed again the following morning if left overnight.

For Western Style brewing, steep for 2 minutes before pouring into cup. The tea can be steeped again 3-4 times this way.

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