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Teardrop Gong Dao Bei/Decanter 200ml

Teardrop Gong Dao Bei/Decanter 200ml

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Known as a fairness cup or decanter in the West, the gong dao bei is an integral part of gong fu tea practice. The infused liquid is first decanted from the teapot into the gong dao bei before being poured into cups. This assures an even, or "fair" composition of the liqueur in each cup. Simply put, everyone's tea tastes the same!

This teardrop shaped glass gong dao bei provides a gorgeous display platform for your freshly infused tea liqueur, as it will show off its color and texture. It also pours flawlessly. It is 200ml in size. 




Recommended Use

Light sweetness; cinnamon; nutmeg; caramel; molasses; cacao; forest floor; rich minerality

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