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American Ginseng - Black Leaf

American Ginseng - Black Leaf

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American Ginseng leaves not only make a pleasant drinking tea, but also have a number of health benefits.  These ginseng leaves undergo a nine-time steaming and drying processes, which transform the ginsenosides (main pharmacological active components of ginseng) for greater absorption in the body and increase it's ability to bind to and transport across cell membrane systems.  Steaming brings forth yang and better balance.  It is more cooling and moistening.  It doesn't cause drowsiness or hyperactivity, making it drinkable before bedtime.  It quiets emotions, anxiety, and helps with mental fatigue.

American Ginseng leaves becomes more aromatic with age.  Like with tea, bug bitten leaves produce ginsenosides, the sugars that make the leaves sweet.  This ginseng is wild-simulated grown with no pesticides or herbicides, allowing it the benefit from any challenges and stress in the world around it.  It survives and changes to its environment, which makes the qi different than conventional field-grown ginseng. 

The leaves can be flash-brewed gong fu cha style using a gaiwan to create an elixir that tastes similar to a sheng pu'er tea.   The leaves also can be decocted by boiling ginseng (either from 3g of new leaf or spent gong fu cha leaves) on the stove over the course of several hours on a low heat.  When prepared through decoction, the ginseng takes on a caramelized flavor that is quite delicious and wonderful to sip from throughout the day.  Top off the decoction with water as you drink off the top and you will have an all-day beverage using only three grams of leaf.  

Tea Specifics

Harvest: Hand picked 50+ hours first two weeks of harvest season September 2022

Process: Steamed and Dried Nine (9) Times

Location: Three Hawk Ridge, Wisconsin Ridge Driftless Region, Illinois, United States

Producer: Horticulturist and Eastern medicine doctor, Dr. Justin Penoyer DACM, L.Ac.

Cultivar: Panacis quinquefolii Radix, Xi Yang Shen

Form: Loose leaf

Tasting Notes

Light golden liquor, well-rounded in mouth, nutty, barley flavor, pleasant drinking tea, slight camphor, raisin-like aroma.

Brewing Recommendations

Western Style Tea Pot: 1/2g per 175ml (6oz) purified water. Pour boiling water down the side of the tea pot, not directly on the leaves. Let the water infuse for no more than 3 minutes (longer than 3 minutes will make it taste too tanic). Pour liquor into fairness pitcher (gong dao bei). Steep a second time using the same method. Steep a third time for 10 minutes.

For a new flavor profile and further extraction, use the spent leaves in the decocting method described below.

Decocting Method (Stovetop): For additional enjoyment, pour leaves into a pot, fill the pot with water, and cover with a lid. Slow brew throughout the day, ladling the liquor into cups as desired and topping with more water as needed. This gives the liquor a nutty, barley-like taste.  

Gong Fu Cha Style - 3g per 150ml purified water. Pour 212F water down the side of the gaiwan and flash brew for a few seconds before pouring liquor into the fairness pitcher (gong dao bei). Flash brewing in this manner ensures the ginseng can be infused 12+ times. This gives the liquor a sheng pu'er-like taste.

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