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"Lover's Tea" Nepali Organic Red Botanical Blend

"Lover's Tea" Nepali Organic Red Botanical Blend

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Lover's Tea is a blend of Nepali red (black) tea leaves, organic Nepali rose petals and organic apple slices.  Apples and red tea provide a sweet liquor for the floral rose notes.  Rose is an herbal aphrodisiacs, which brings about feelings of pleasure and bliss.

Rose has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to open the heart and soothe emotions, govern heat and inflammation, and aid in digestion and metabolism.  Summertime heat and humidity can be overwhelming for Pitta dosha, which already has a "fire" nature, causing an imbalance in heat.  Rose balances Sadhaka Pitta, a Pitta subdosha that controls feelings and emotional effects on the heart.      

Farmed and produced by a creative cooperative of women-owned tea farms and estates, these ingredients were grown with care and attention, and that energy and love comes through in Lover's Tea.

Tea Specifics

Organic Red (Black) Tea Leaves, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Apple Slices

Cultivar: Camellia sinesis (used for Orthodox Tea like this)

Region: Ilam, Nepal

Red (black) tea contains 40-60mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. As the tea ages, the caffeine levels decline over time because light and leaf oxidation reduce caffeine. Thus, an aged red tea that is decades old may not contain much caffeine at all. If you have the willpower to resist drinking this tea and to instead store and age the tea, the taste profile will only deepen.

Tasting Notes

Sweet, Floral

Brewing Recommendations

Proportion: 4g (3 tsp) of tea per 100ml (1/2 cup or 4 oz) purified water.

Ideal brewing vessel: Glass or porcelain tea pot or "easy" gaiwan or tea

Western Style (Recommended): Heat water to 212F/100C and pour into brewing vessel with tisane. Flash brew for 1 minute or less. Brew again 2-3 times.

Cold Brew: Put tea into glass pitcher with strainer and fill with 450ml (18 oz or 2.5 cups) cold water. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy the next day.

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