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"White Apricots" Blooming Tea

"White Apricots" Blooming Tea

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Blooming teas are made by hand.  The process is labor intensive, but the result is fascinating. 

Blooming teas are made from the desirable silver needle tips of tea bushes.  After the top three leaves are hand-plucked from the bush's new growth, the bottom two leaves are removed, leaving only the youngest leaf on top of the soft stem.  This leaf/stem duo is processed and then bundled by twine with other leaf/stem duos.  Flowers are inserted in between the tea leaves to make a tiny flower bouquet.  The bottom stems are then turned upward to form a blossom around the bouquet and then dried again in a cloth to ensure the blossom retains it round shape. 

To enjoy your tea blossoms to it's fullest, add the blossom to a glass tea pot, large stemless wine glass, or glass tea brewer.  Fill the brewing vessel with 4 inches of hot water so that the blossom will have enough room to fully bloom.  Each bloom contains whole leaves and weighs around 8 grams each, which means you have the opportunity to re-steep this tea many times and drink tea all day.

Tea Specifics

Fujian Silver Needle White Tea, Fujian Osmanthus Flowers, and Fujian Orange Lily Flower

Form: Hand-Crafted Tea Blossom

Season: March 2020

Location: Fujian Province, China

Method: Hand picked

Silver Needle White Tea has one of highest caffeine contents amongst tea varieties.

Tasting Notes

Floral fragrance, smooth body, sweet, apricot, apple, quenching

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: Each tea blossom weighs 7.5-8g.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: For visual appeal, use a glass tea pot, glass Ethoz Tea Brewer or large glass pitcher (gong dao bei).

Blooming: Boil purified water to 195F/90C and pour 450ml (15oz)(~2 cups) into a glass brewing vessel. Place 1 tea blossom in the water. The blossom will slowly unfurl within the first three minutes. When the tea is fully bloomed and drops to the bottom of the brewing vessel, the tea is ready. If the brewing vessel has a filter, pour out all of the liquor into a gong dao bei (fairness pitcher) before apportioning into tea cups.  If using an open glass vessel to brew, use tongs to carefully remove the bloom from the liquor to avoid overheating the tea. The tea can be re-steeped again in this manner 3 times.

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