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"Two Tigers" Longjing Dragonwell Green

"Two Tigers" Longjing Dragonwell Green

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Tiger Spring is the name of a park that is famous for its spring water.  The area attracts tea lovers who want to use Tiger Spring water to brew Longjing (Dragonwell) tea.  Legend has it that a Tang Dynasty monk named Xingkong dreamt of two tigers digging a hole in the ground and led to the discovery of the spring.  There is a trail that winds through the park that leads visitors to a giant rock carving of Xingkong, who is sleeping next to the spring, surrounded by the two tigers in his dream.

Two Tigers Longjing Dragonwell Green has a flowery vegetal taste with a nutty finish.  This is a good tea to make your daily drinker.  You can take comfort knowing Two Tigers is sourced from a group of small, pesticide-free gardens that respects organic farming practices. It is also compliant to EU standards for pesticide residues.   

Enjoy as a warm tea or a chilled brew for summer.  See Brewing Recommendations. 

Tea Specifics

Season: Spring 2022

Style: Organic Sanxia Longjing ("Dragonwell") Green Tea

Picking Style: Hand-picked

Cultivar: Taiwanese Qing Xin Gan Zhi

Elevation: 500 meters

Oxidation Level: None

Baking Level: None

Administrative Region: New Taipei City

Nomenclature: Long/Dragon (龙) Jing/Well (井)

Green tea contains about 30-50mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. Higher temperatures and longer steeping times both increase the amount of caffeine released into the liquor.

Tasting Notes

Vivid, floral, fresh green vegetal, sweet, Sanxia terroir, daily drinker

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: 3-5g per 100ml of purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Porcelain tea pot or gaiwan; or high-fired, high profile thin clay teapot (dragon egg shape is ideal).

Steeping: Boil water to 212F/100C and then wait for the water to stop bubbling before pouring the water down the inside of the brewing vessel, not directly on the leaves. Brew for 30 seconds, then replace the lid and pour the liquor into a gong dao bei (fairness pitcher) before apportioning into tea cups.  Add 15 seconds for each subsequent brew. Remove the lid of the brewing vessel to allow the leaves to cool between steepings. Flash brewing in this manner ensures this tea can be brewed up to 5+ times and brewed again the following morning if left overnight.

Cold Brewing: Place 4-5g (3 generous pinches) of tea in a pitcher. Pour 450ml of purified water down the side of the pitcher, not directly on the tea leaves. Can be enjoyed within two hour or brewed overnight for a stronger flavor.

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