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Tsuzuki Yutaka's Yakashime Shiboridashi (Daikoji Kiln, Tokoname) 80ml

Tsuzuki Yutaka's Yakashime Shiboridashi (Daikoji Kiln, Tokoname) 80ml

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Master potter Tsuzuki Yutaka was born in 1972, and in 2003 founded his own kiln, the Daikoji Kiln, in Tokoname, Japan. Yukata-son hand makes this exquisite Yakishime style Shiboridashi tea pot from white clay and fires it in a reduction chamber to give it its matte, warm grey finish. 

This pot has three types of tea filtration and flow:  Three grooves in the tea bowl spout, sasame mesh filter in the body of the lid, and a do-ake (direct) filter with two holes in the lid.  This overall design makes pouring precise and easy to control.  Shiboridashis are ideal for premium quality Sencha and Gyokuro green teas.


Size: 8.9cm (Diam.) x 5.9cm (H)

Volume: 80ml

Recommended Use

Designed for premium Sencha and Gyokuro, but you would be surprised how versatile this little Shiboridashi can be

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