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"The Antje" Tokuta Contemporary White Clay Kyusu with Sasame Filter

"The Antje" Tokuta Contemporary White Clay Kyusu with Sasame Filter

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This tea pot is named "The Antje," inspired by a high class woman who had a huge impact on our lives.  Her homes were filled with white hydrangea flowers, white orchids, and white furnishing.  From the bedding to the dishes to the rugs to the draperies to the floors; everything was white.  She was elegant and flawless, just like this beautiful Tokuta Contemporary White Clay Sasame Kyusu.

Yokode no kyusu means "side-handled teapot" in Japanese.  Often times, however, this popular style of tea pot is simply referred to as a kyusu, which means "tea pot."

Tokoname-yaki pottery comes from Tokoname in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan, which is the site of one of Japan's Six Ancient Kilns.  Pottery has been made in Tokoname since the 12th century, near the end of the Heian period.  The Heian period is noted for its art, poetry and literature. 

The Antje Tokuta Contemporary White Clay Kyusu was made by kyusu craftsman Fujita Tokuta,  This tea pot he created is appropriate for all tea types.  Shou and shung pu'ers, red tea, oolong tea, and white tea are all well suited for this kyusu.  The wide bottom is good for green teas which allows them to unfurl horizontally and cool quickly.  It has a sasame fine mesh filter to catch small bits while pouring, which makes this suitable for botanical tisanes.  

The width of the pot is 150 mm (5.9 in), including the handle, and the height is 44 mm (1.73 in).  The diameter of the tea pot is 90 mm (3.5 in) and has a capacity of 220 ml.  

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