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Authentic Yixing Zisha Red Clay Jing Lan Tea Pot 200ml

Authentic Yixing Zisha Red Clay Jing Lan Tea Pot 200ml

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If you are at all serious about your tea practice - and even if you are not  - you will want to own a Yixing Zisha teapot. Zisha refers to a special purple clay that originates from Yixing City in Jiangshu Province, China.  Pottery made from Zisha clay is porous and absorbent, and holds heat exceptionally well. This makes Zisha teapots the preferred brewing vessel for Pu'er tea. The minerality of the clay and the shape of the pot impart a unique "fingerprint" with each infusion.  Over time, the clay will absorb the flavor and aroma of the tea, a process called seasoning. Yixing Zisha pots are unglazed, which gives them their unique thermal, absorptive and mineralizing qualities. 

This authentic red clay Yixing Zisha Jing Lan teapot is lovely to look at and brews even better. The 200ml is a nice "middle" size that can accommodate both intimate steepings as well as small groups of guests. The large lid opening is convenient for adding tea to your pot and for cleaning, while the fairly vertical walls create ample space for your tea to expand properly.  A ball filter provides first-level filtration while allowing very good flow. This pot empties in less than 10 seconds (closer to 6 seconds if pouring water, but add 2-3 seconds for that last bit of liqueur that trickles out when brewing, i.e., with tea in the pot naturally slowing the flow). The clay is a beautiful, deep brick-red color that will age nicely as it darkens and gets shinier with use. 

We recommend this pot for all levels of gong fu brewing experience. It can be a great first authentic Zisha pot for the learner, as well as a great daily driver for the avid Pu'er drinker.  


Size: 85mm (dia.) x 70mm (h)

Volume: 200ml

Filter: Debeso (Half-Spherical)

Recommended Use

Shou Pu'er primarily, but can be used for any high-heat tea

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