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Red Clay Cha Pan Tea Boat

Red Clay Cha Pan Tea Boat

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The beautiful and practical Red Clay Cha Pan (Tea Boat) will keep your table dry while brewing tea.  This saucer-sized tea tray sits atop a small reservoir, which allows for rinse to be poured into the tea boat.  This is an important accessories to add to your teaware collection.  Use in place of, or pair with, a waste bowl (shui fang), tea tray and mat. 

The tea boat will complement any gaiwan or tea pot, especially one of our red clay tea pots.  A side hole allows for convenient emptying of tea rinse.   


Material: Purple Clay

Outer Finish: Bare

Color: Natural

Size: 13.5cm (Diam.) x 2.5cm (H)

Height: 25mm

Diameter: 135mm

Width: 80mm

Recommended Use

All gaiwans and tea pots, but particularly well suited for wet brewing with a Yixing Zisha or similar clay pot

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