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"Nepali Chamomile" Organic Botanical

"Nepali Chamomile" Organic Botanical

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Grown in the high mountains of Nepal, this WFTO Certified organic chamomile is produced by Nepali Tea Women in a tea estate in Ilam on the Eastern side of Nepal.

Pristine weather, a high altitude and a pollution-free environment make Nepal an ideal place to grow and produce chamomile.  This chamomile tastes like a pineapple fruit loop, which is quite unusual since most chamomiles taste lightly grassy.    

Chamomile has mild analgesic properties that help with muscle stiffness.  It is also a diuretic, which reduces swelling and dries over-productive mucus membranes. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, chamomile soothes an anxious Kapha dosha and aids in rest and sleep.  It soothes and relaxes muscles and blood vessels during headaches.  In Vata dosha, chamomile can provoke dryness if consumed in large amounts. 

Tea Specifics

Organic Nepalese chamomile from the Ilam, Nepal

Tasting Notes

Light pineapple, fruit loop, grassy

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: 4-5g (2 tsp) per 150ml purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Glass tea pot with infuser; porcelain or ceramic tea pot with strainer; tea sachets

Western Style Steeping: Boil water to 212F/100C. Steep for 2-5 minutes before pouring through a strainer into a tea cup or pitcher.*

Sachet Brewing: Add 2-4g (1-2 tsp) of chamomile to a tea sachet and place inside a mug filled with 212F/100C water. Steep for 2-5 minutes.

Cold Brew: Place 4g (2 tsp) of chamomile in a pitcher and fill with 450ml water. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Use a strainer when serving.

*Adjust the brew time, temperature and leaf volume to fit your taste: A lower temperature increases vegetal flavor; a shorter brewing time decreases astringency; and a lower volume of leaves reduces bitterness.

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