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Master Lin's Hand-thrown Purple Haze Pan Hu Tea Pot 100ml

Master Lin's Hand-thrown Purple Haze Pan Hu Tea Pot 100ml

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This is a handmade, master-crafted piece from Master Lin.  The Purple Haze Pan Hu gets its name from the unique hue of the glaze, which has purple tones, but so much more, too. The shape is classic pan hu with a circus-tent lid.

It is 100ml but somehow presents and brews a bit bigger, in a good way. The clay is reminiscent of classic Taiwanese "old rock mud" - dense but porous, able to mineralize and hold heat well.  Inside the pot, the Debeso (Half-Spherical) style filter catches bits of tea from escaping into the gong dao bei (fairness pitcher).  The pour is smooth and controlled.

This pot brews wonderfully and is particularly well suited for roasted, more oxidized or aged oolong tea.  The Wolf also recommends it for red and black tea.


Size: 65mm x 70mm

Volume: 100ml

Composition: Taiwanese pumice clay, glazed outer, unglazed inner

Potter: Master Lin

Production: Hand-thrown, renaissance-style pottery shop

Spout Filter Configuration: Debeso (Half-Spherical) style (see image)

Recommended Use

Pu'er, Red/Black, Tiguanyin, dark and medium roast Oolong

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