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"Lazy Afternoon" Nepali Organic Green Tea Botanical Blend

"Lazy Afternoon" Nepali Organic Green Tea Botanical Blend

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Lazy Afternoon Green Tea is an organic botanical blend of airy chamomile flowers, tart lemon balm, refreshing peppermint, and orthodox-style green tea.  

Green tea and peppermint give the mind energy, while cooling chamomile and tart lemon balm counterbalances that energy with a calming effect due to their anti-anxiety properties.  Chamomile brings brightness to the tea and peppermint moves stagnation, calming a bloated belly.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Kapha dosha is soothed by chamomile.  Chamomile relieves anxiety, relaxes the nervous system and promotes good sleep.  It also relaxes muscles that flair during headaches. 

In Vata dosha constitutions, dryness is provoked and has diuretic qualities. 

The botanical ingredients in Lazy Afternoon lower blood sugar, so keep an eye on blood sugar levels if you are diabetic.

Tea Specifics

Ingredients: Organic Nepalese Green Tea, Organic Chamomile, Organic Peppermint, Organic Lemon Balm

Style: Orthodox

Location: Ilam, Nepal

Green tea contains about 30-50mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. Higher temperatures and longer steeping times both increase the amount of caffeine released into the liquor.

Tasting Notes

Light Apple Aroma, Airy, Floral, Fresh and Clean Mouthfeel, Mint, Cooling, Citrus, Slight Bitterness

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size*: 3g (1 tsp) per 150 ml (3.5 oz) of purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Porcelain or ceramic tea pot with strainer or infuser; or glass brewer for cold brewed tea.

Western Style Steeping: Heat water to 175F/79C (just as it starts to emit steam) and pour into a tea pot or mug. Place 3g tea into teapot with strainer or tea sachet and steep for 1-2 minutes.

Cold Brewing: Place 4g of tea in a pitcher. Pour 450ml (16 oz or 2 cups) of cold water down into the pitcher and put into the refrigerator. Can be enjoyed within two hours, or brewed overnight for a stronger flavor. Sweeten if desired.

*Adjust the brew time, temperature and leaf volume to fit your taste: A lower temperature increases vegetal flavor; a shorter brewing time decreases astringency; and a lower volume of leaves reduces bitterness.

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