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Tsuchinohana Kyusu Hagi Ware by Mukuhara Kashun

Tsuchinohana Kyusu Hagi Ware by Mukuhara Kashun

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This beautiful yokode no kyusu ("side handle tea pot") was created by the hands of Mukuhara Kashun of the Furuhata Kiln in Hagi, Japan.  Mukuhara formed perfect thumb print indentions on the lid to allow a most secure grip while pouring.  This small kyusu is ideal for brewing for one to two people. 

The base material for Hagi ware is a mix of two types of fine-grained clay.  The clay, water and wood chips are mixed and strained repeatedly for two weeks until it is entirely filtered without residues and only the pure, fine clay remains in the bottom of the vat.  The clay varies in color from red to orange and ultimately determines the texture and color of the Hagi surface.

Before heating Hagi ware in the kiln, a translucent glaze is applied to the clay to draw out its natural colors.  Cracks form in the glaze during the heating and cooling process to create its signature crackling and fine pores known as kan-nyuu ("crazing").  The color of the glaze matures over time, becoming darker from tea residue settling into the tiny cracks.  

This kyusu is 6.5 cm (2.6 in) tall including the lid, 11.2 cm (4.4 in) wide including the handle, and has a volume of 150 ml (5 oz).

Recommended Care

Hand wash only

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