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"Jade Palace" Uji Matcha Imperial

"Jade Palace" Uji Matcha Imperial

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Jade Palace matcha is made from leaves that are hand picked from the first flush. The First Flush is the first harvest season, which begins each year in Mid-April and ends in May.  The First Flush are the youngest leaves that appear after the bushes have been dormant during winter. 

Jade Palace is from Uji, on the outskirts of Kyoto, where matcha has been made for over 800 years. 

This matcha is the highest grade usucha (thin tea) that we carry.  It is appropriate for daily tea drinking and offering guests at tea ceremonies.  

Tea Specifics

Location: Uji, Kyoto Region, Japan

First Flush Harvest

Matcha contains between 19-44mg of caffeine. One milligram of the most high-quality matcha contains about 34mg of caffeine.

Store Matcha in the refrigerator and use soon after opening for full enjoyment.

Tasting Notes

Vegetal, wheat grass, fresh, light color, bright and uplifting

Brewing Recommendations

Usucha (Thin Matcha): Boil water to 176F/80C. Add 2 chasaku scoops (1 tsp or 2g) of matcha powder to a matcha bowl/chawan. Add 1 TBSP (14ml or 0.5 oz) and mix into a paste with a matcha whisk for 30 seconds (like you are painting the bottom of the bowl). Then add 4 TBSP (56ml or 2 oz) of water to the paste and whisk until small bubbles appear.

RECOMMENDED: Sift matcha powder prior to adding to matcha bowl to prevent clotting.

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