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Classic Yixing Zisha Red Clay Shi Piao 180ml

Classic Yixing Zisha Red Clay Shi Piao 180ml

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The Shi Piao is a classic Gong Fu tea pot shape, and ours is handmade from Yixing Zisha clay by skilled artisans. The clay is dense and smooth, the walls are an even medium thickness throughout, and the lid is thin, flat and has good fit.

The Classic Yixing Zisha Red Clay Shi Piao has a 14-hole Do-ake (direct) filter, meaning the holes for the filter are made directly in the wall of the tea pot.  This filter flushes nicely, allowing 180ml of tea to empty in about 12 seconds. This is a great every day driver that will brew any Pu'er - among other fermented, oxidized and roasted teas - and never disappoint.  Enjoy this true Gong Fu classic.


Volume: 180 ml

Material: Yixing Zisha red clay

Method/Shape: Handmade classic Shi Piao

Filter: Direct (Do-ake). Fourteen (14) holes directly in teapot wall (see image).

Recommended Use

Shou and Sheng Pu'er, Red/Black

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