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Classic Small Red Clay Shui Ping Tea Pot 120ml

Classic Small Red Clay Shui Ping Tea Pot 120ml

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Among the most iconic gong fu tea pot shapes, the Shui Ping has been in use for centuries. and is known to brew any type of tea well. Our 120ml classic red clay Shui Ping is made in Taiwan from quality clay with great precision and exquisite craftsmanship. This gong fu tea pot has a high level finish, thin and even walls, and a properly aligned spout and handle, all of which results in a precise pour along a beautiful arc. The overall quality of this pot is higher than a comparably priced Chinese Yixing tea pot, which makes this a great value. More than that, though, this is simply a very good tea pot made properly of good clay. A great daily driver for any brewer, from a novice to an expert. 


Size: 75mm (dia.) x 60mm (h)

Volume: 150ml

Filter: Direct (Do-ake). Seven (7) holes directly in teapot wall (see image).

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