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"Celadon Tiger" Premium Genmaicha

"Celadon Tiger" Premium Genmaicha

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Celadon Tiger is a premium genmaicha created by combining toasted rice with sencha green tea from Yame in the Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.  Yame is located on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu, where the high temperature days and low temperature nights provide ideal growing conditions for the best teas. 

The starches and sugars in the toasted rice give the tea a slightly roasty, nutty flavor.  This compliments the floral aroma and flavors of the sencha tea. 

Tea Specifics

Region: Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Sencha green tea mixed with toasted rice

Sencha green tea contains between 19-44mg of caffeine.

Tasting Notes

Fresh green vegetal, toasty, caramel, nutty, slightly floral flavor, slight floral aroma

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: 3g (1 tsp) per 100 ml (3.5 oz) of purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Porcelain tea pot or gaiwan; or high-fired, low profile thin clay teapot.

Steeping: Boil water to 175F/79C and pour the water down the inside of the brewing vessel, not directly on the leaves. Brew for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, then replace the lid and pour the liquor into a gong dao bei (fairness pitcher) before apportioning into tea cups. 

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