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American Ginseng - Shade-Grown Culinary Grade Powder

American Ginseng - Shade-Grown Culinary Grade Powder

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American ginseng powder is a heart opener, dilating blood vessels, opening bronchial passageways, improving sexual function, and nourishing the spirit and qi.*  The effect is much like a microdose of activated mushrooms.  It provides instant energy without the side effects of caffeine.

Our American Ginseng Culinary Grade Powder is made from shade-grown plants, using sustainable practices, and then processed by hand in small batches.  These plants come from the picturesque Wisconsin Ridge Driftless Region, which is one of the only microclimates for ginseng production in the United States due to its ecologically diversity. 

Only 1/2 gram of this high quality and high potency ginseng powder, dissolved in hot water in the morning, absorbs into the system rapidly and and has an instant effect.  It is also appropriate for use as an herb in culinary applications.

*Penoyer, J. (2023) Clinical Applications of American Ginseng Xi Yang Shen. J. Chin. Med. 131: 31-40.

Tea Specifics

Harvest: Hand picked 50+ hours first two weeks of harvest season September 2022

Location: Wisconsin Ridge Driftless Region, Illinois, United States

Cultivar: Panacis quinquefolii Radix, Xi Yang Shen

Form: Powder

Ginseng is caffeine-free

Tasting Notes

Light golden liquor, well-rounded in mouth, nutty, barley flavor, pleasant drinking tea, slight camphor, raisin-like aroma.

Brewing Recommendations

Dissolve 1/2g in 6-8oz hot water, much like matcha powder.

Also can be used as an herb or in other culinary applications.

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