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American Ginseng - Wild-Simulated, Ceremonial Grade Powder

American Ginseng - Wild-Simulated, Ceremonial Grade Powder

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American ginseng powder is a heart opener, dilating blood vessels, opening bronchial passageways, improving sexual function, and nourishing the spirit and qi.*  The effect is much like a microdose of activated mushrooms.  It provides instant energy without the jitters and side effects caused by caffeine.  

Our American Ginseng Powder is made from ginseng plants grown in pristine, wild-simulated conditions and handmade in small batches from 70 year old ginseng roots.  The age of these particular roots makes our ceremonial grade ginseng a boutique item, because old ginseng roots have a higher the concentration of ginsenosides (the main pharmacological components of ginseng). 

Only 1/2 gram of this high quality and high potency ginseng powder, dissolved in hot water in the morning, absorbs into the system rapidly and and has an instant effect. 

*Penoyer, J. (2023) Clinical Applications of American Ginseng Xi Yang Shen. J. Chin. Med. 131: 31-40.

Tea Specifics

Harvest: Hand picked 50+ hours first two weeks of harvest season September 2022

Location: Three Hawk Ridge, Wisconsin Ridge Driftless Region, Illinois, United States

Producer: Horticulturist and Eastern medicine doctor, Dr. Justin Penoyer DACM, L.Ac.

Cultivar: Panacis quinquefolii Radix, Xi Yang Shen

Form: Powder

Tasting Notes

Light golden liquor, well-rounded in mouth, nutty, barley flavor, pleasant drinking tea, slight camphor, raisin-like aroma.

Brewing Recommendations

Dissolve 1/2g in 6-8oz hot water, much like matcha powder.

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