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"Al Fresco" Organic Nepali White Tea Botanical Blend

"Al Fresco" Organic Nepali White Tea Botanical Blend

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Al Fresco White Tea Blend is an organic blend of Nepali white tea, organic rosemary, organic rose petals, and organic orange peel.  The taste and aroma are reminiscent of being outside on a summer day.

This tea is produced by an all-female cooperative of independent tea farmers that I like to call Tea Women of Nepal.  Together they pool their yields and sell their products to tea lovers around the world.  Al Fresco White Tea is one of their creations, blending their delicate white tea leaves, aromatic rose petals, woody rosemary and orchard oranges into this refreshing, floral tea.  

Rose is a natural anti-inflammatory, used for centuries to reduce tissue swelling in the face, eyes, blood vessels, and uterus during menstruation.  Use them in preparing anti-inflammatory elixirs or making beauty and luxury bath products.  Orange peel aids in digestion.  Rosemary improves memory, stimulates the central nervous system, and helps with low blood pressure, muscle fatigue and sluggishness.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Pitta dosha is the heat energy in our bodies.  During hot weather, Sadhaka Pitta (the subdosha of Pitta that governs emotions and the heart) becomes off-kilter and increases all aspects of Pitta dosha (the mind-body operator that regulates heat, digestion, and metabolism).  Rose soothes the mind, heart, and emotions, cooling and balancing Pitta dosha.  For an ailing Kapha dosha, including Kapha type headaches, rosemary has a warming and relaxing effect.  

Enjoy this tea while it is warm.  Use a lower water temperature to avoid bitterness.  See Brewing Instructions.


best if enjoyed warm before cooling.  rosy, lightly sweet.  

Tea Specifics

Organic White Tea Leaves, Organic Rosemary, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Orange Peel

Cultivar: Camellia sinesis (used for Orthodox Tea like this)

Region: Ilam, Nepal

White tea contains between 5-50mg of caffeine, depending on a few factors. A tea using just the tips/youngest leaves (like Silver Needle) will contain the most caffeine (because caffeine is a natural pesticide that protects young, vulnerable leaves). Also, caffeine levels decline over time because oxidation and light decay caffeine. Within the first three years, the caffeine levels in white tea start to drop. An aged white tea has caffeine levels that are half that of it's younger counterpart. Thus, an aged white tea that is decades old may not contain much caffeine at all.

Tasting Notes

Rosy, Lightly Sweet, Rosemary

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size*: 3g (2 tsp) per 150 ml (3.5 oz) of purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Porcelain tea pot with strainer or infuser; or glass brewer for cold brewed tea.

Western Style Steeping: Heat water to 190F/88C (just below boiling) and pour into a tea pot or mug. Place 3g tea into teapot with strainer or tea sachet and steep for 1-2 minutes.

Cold Brewing: Place 4g of tea in a pitcher. Pour 450ml (16 oz or 2 cups) of cold water down into the pitcher and put into the refrigerator. Can be enjoyed within two hours, or brewed overnight for a stronger flavor. Sweeten if desired.

*Adjust the brew time, temperature and leaf volume to fit your taste: A lower temperature increases vegetal flavor; a shorter brewing time decreases astringency; and a lower volume of leaves reduces bitterness.

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