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Tanikawa Jin's Hakudei Mogake Shiboridashi (Tokoname) 160ml

Tanikawa Jin's Hakudei Mogake Shiboridashi (Tokoname) 160ml

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This Shiboridashi is the masterwork of Tanikawa Jin, a pottery artist from Tokoname, Japan. "Hakudei " refers to the white clay, while "Mogake" is the technique that gives it its unique surface pattern. This technique was developed in the 19th century and uses Amamo seaweed to wrap the tea pot during firing, which causes the clay to oxidize in the signature pattern. The beautifully random result is not only aesthetic appealing, but also invocative of Japanese philosophy.

Tanikawa-son's Shiboridashi has tall walls that keep the clay from overheating around the rim, which makes it ideal for Chinese and Taiwanese teas as well as, of course, premium Japanese green teas. The slow, even pour makes this tea pot ideal for Gyokuro.


Size: 10cm (Diam.) x 8cm (H)

Volume: 160ml

Recommended Use

Premium Japanese green, Chinese and Taiwanese teas

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