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"Heather Chai" Red Tea

"Heather Chai" Red Tea

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Heather Chai is a delicious blend of our signature red (aka black) tea leaves with traditional chai spices.  Red Alchemy loose leaf red tea is combined with a blend of course-cut botanicals, including crushed cinnamon sticks, cloves, green cardamom pods, black peppercorns, ginger root, and star anise, and then dusted with granulated honey. 

In Ayurveda, there are six taste categories (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent).  Each of these tastes play a vital role in our physiology, health, and well-being.  Failure to satisfy each of these tastes causes cravings for food in the other taste category to regain balance.  Also, eating too much of any one taste triggers a craving for foods in the other taste categories.  

Heather Chai Red Tea satisfies five out of six of the Ayurvedic taste categories:  Star anise and granulated honey (sweet); fermented red tea (sour), ginger and clove (pungent), peppercorn and cinnamon (bitter), and cardamom (astringent).  Just like our wonderful friend who inspired us to create this uplifting blend, Heather Chai Red Tea is something so good that it should be enjoyed in large doses.   

This tea is delicious as a spicy hot brew in a tea cup or a cold brew served over ice.  We are most fond of adding steamed and frothed milk to create a Heather Chai Latte.  Add sweetener if desired.  See Brewing Recommendations for more detailed instructions.

Tea Specifics

Red (aka Black) Tea, Organic Orange and Lemon Peels, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Granulated Honey, Star Anise, Licorice, Cloves, Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Harvest: Spring 2022

Mangjing, Village, Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan Province, China

Elevation: 1200-1500 meters

Tree: Feral

Cultivar: Camellia sinensis var. Assamica

Loose leaf

Red (black) tea contains 40-60mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. As the tea ages, the caffeine levels decline over time because light and leaf oxidation reduce caffeine. Thus, an aged red tea that is decades old may not contain much caffeine at all. If you have the willpower to resist drinking this tea and to instead store and age the tea, the taste profile will only deepen.

Tasting Notes

Vanilla, Spice, Sweet, Citrus, Floral, Fresh Pipe Tobacco Aromas, Full Body, Amber Liquor.

Brewing Recommendations

Serving Size: 5g per 100ml of purified water.

Ideal Brewing Vessel: Glass Ethoz Tea Brewer; Glass Lotus Easy Gaiwan; Porcelain Tea Pot or Gaiwan.

Gong Fu Style Steeping: Boil water to 212F/100C and then wait for the water to stop bubbling before pouring the water down the inside of the brewing vessel, not directly on the leaves. Brew for 2 minutes, then replace the lid and pour the liquor into a gong dao bei (fairness pitcher) before apportioning into tea cups.  Add 30 seconds for each subsequent brew. Remove the lid of the brewing vessel to allow the leaves to cool between steepings. Flash brewing in this manner ensures this tea can be brewed up to 3+ times and brewed again the following morning if left overnight.

Western Style Steeping: Place tea inside of a strainer and pour water into tea cup. Steep for 2 minutes the each brew. Brews up to 3 times.

Grandpa Style Steeping: Pre-heat a chawan (tea bowl) and add tea leaves. Use 1-2 grams less tea than usual. Slowly pour hot water directly on the leaves until the tea bowl is filled two-thirds to the top. After the tea leaves have opened, the tea is ready. Drink off the top and add more water throughout the day when necessary.

Cold Brew: 4g per 450ml of cold water. Refrigerate overnight.

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